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Patrick Keller, of, invites you to join an open discussion on all things paranormal, but specifically topics like ghosts & hauntings, paranormal research, spirit communication, psychics & mediums, and life after death. The candles are already lit, so come on in and join the séance!
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Jul 2, 2022


Australia's Anne Rzechowicz and Renata Daniel, simply known as "Anne and Renata", make another return to the Big Seance! This time we discuss their recent haunted international travels, their very popular podcast, True Hauntings, and so many belly laughs! Plus Patrick gives an update on the very cool last minute opportunity he just had to speak at Amy Bruni's Strange Escape's event at Belvoir Winery! Visit for more info!

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In this episode:

Episode Teaser :00

Intro :53

At the last minute, Patrick was asked to be a speaker at Amy Bruni’s recent Strange Escapes event at Belvoir Winery! It was a magical event. Unfortunately, Patrick also brought an attachment home with him! 1:34

A new bio for Anne and Renata! Anne owns Oz Paratech, Renata owns Newcastle Ghost Tours, and together they host the popular True Hauntings Podcast! 5:02

Welcome back, Anne and Renata! Plus spiders! AHHH! 6:38

Catching up with Anne and Renata’s experiences since we last talked! 9:02

Playing a hilarious clip from a recent episode of Anne and Renata’s True Hauntings Podcast! 9:50

Hearing Anne get Renata wheezing and laughing hysterically at some point in every episode is like a gift from baby Jesus. 11:56

Anne and Renata on YouTube. 15:08 

The Naughty Road Trip in England and Ireland. 16:30

The very sad story of the missing children from Tuam in Ireland. 17:45

Too soon. “I think as ghost hunters and paranormal investigators, we all have a duty of care and a duty of conscience to have a think about whether we’re doing it for the right reasons.” 26:55

Experiencing Muff in Ireland. 28:22

More stories from the many stops on their road trip. 31:21

This episode of the Big Seance is brought to you by Jim Harold’s Campfire! Tune in for true and fascinating stories as told by ordinary people who’ve had extraordinary experiences. Find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen to The Big Seance. 34:15

More on the collaboration and special friendship that Anne and Renata have. 37:26

Being “famous!” The Big Seance was the first international interview that Anne and Renata had! 39:02

The Plague and Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh, Scotland. 41:59

Renata’s experience at Greyfriars Prison in Edinburgh, Scotland. 47:12

Anne and Renata don’t stop! And their poor husbands have to keep each other company while they’re traveling the world. 50:32

Congestion tax, the “age card”, hungry rats, and other travel tips from Anne and Renata! 51:35

Is the top floor always the most haunted? 8:34

Renata saw an otherworldly light in the middle of the night on their trip. She didn’t tell Anne until the morning. She got scolded. 58:49

A recent experience Patrick had of being touched. 1:01:01

Final thoughts and where you can catch Anne and Renata! 1:03:19

A special THANK YOU to Patreon supporters at the Super Paranerd and Parlor Guest level! 1:07:03

Outro 1:09:14

Outtake 1:10:30


For more on Anne and Renata:

Anne and Renata's previous Big Seance appearances: Episodes 122 and 163

Facebook: Anne and Renata: Frightfully Good

Twitter: @anneandrenata

Instagram: @anneandrenata

Tiktok: @anneandrenata


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