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Patrick Keller, of, invites you to join an open discussion on all things paranormal, but specifically topics like ghosts & hauntings, paranormal research, spirit communication, psychics & mediums, and life after death. The candles are already lit, so come on in and join the séance!
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Jun 1, 2021


Patrick sits down with drag queen, comedian, host, writer, and actor, Roz Drezfalez, who is also the host of Ghosted! by Roz Drezfalez. Topics include the Celebrity Ghost Stories series, Roz's favorite guests, the spirit box, and three rounds of everyone's favorite game, EVPs or EVPuhlease! Visit for more info.


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In this episode:

Episode Teaser :00

Intro :45

Hocus Pocus and a personal tour of David Kirschner’s workspace! That interview is coming soon! 1:24

Bio for Roz Drezfalez 2:42

The fabulous Ghosted! by Roz Drez Falez theme song! 4:02

Roz is preparing to jump back into a post-pandemic performing world. 4:42

Roz grew up in a haunted house, and a fascination with ghost stories has been in her life ever since! 6:20

Keeping the fun in paranormal and not being an expert. 8:25

Celebrity Ghost Stories and a haunted Ouija board! 12:53

Tulpa or Egregore? 16:02

When was the personality known as Roz Drezfalez unleashed into the world? 18:50

Advice for young LGBTQ peeps. 21:25

Queer representation in the paranormal world. 24:27

Some of Roz’s guests on Ghosted! have included Coco Peru, Debra Wilson, Katrina Weidman, Margaret Cho, Jack Osbourne, Richard Estep, Amy Bruni, and even Butch Patrick, who played Eddie Munster! 26:11

Roz is best friends with actor Sam Pancake. 28:28

Favorite guest moments from Ghosted!, including "Mistress of the Dark" Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira) and Billie Lee of Vanderpump Rules! 29:05

Tyler Henry and other celebrity psychic mediums. 33:05

The spirit box and the Estes Method. 36:32

Don’t follow me home and "don’t haunt me!" 40:15

Most treasured possessions! 42:15

Let’s play 3 rounds of EVPs or EVPuhlease! 45:06

Final thoughts and where to find Roz Drezfalez! 52:05

Roz has two upcoming episodes with our friend Andrea Perron, later this week and next week! Check them out! 53:25

A special THANK YOU to Patreon supporters at the Super Paranerd and Parlor Guest level! 54:20

Outro 56:12


For more Roz Drezfalez

Ghosted! by Roz Drezfalez (Starburns Audio)

Instagram: @rozhernandez

Facebook: @rozdrezfalez


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