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Patrick Keller, of, invites you to join an open discussion on all things paranormal, but specifically topics like ghosts & hauntings, paranormal research, spirit communication, psychics & mediums, and life after death. The candles are already lit, so come on in and join the séance!
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May 26, 2016

Karen Frazier, her passion for writing, her mediumship abilities, her journey to health, and behind-the-scenes stories from her show, Paranormal Underground Radio In the Dark. Visit for more info.  

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Karen Frazier is the author of five paranormal/metaphysical books: Avalanche of Spirits: The Ghosts of Wellington, Dancing with the AfterlifePioneer Spirits: Investigating the Haunted Lewis County Historical MuseumCrystals for Healingand The Permanents: Spirits of the Old Wheeler HotelShe also co-wrote Lessons of Many Lives with hypnotherapist Melissa Watts. 

As a professional writer, Karen has ghost written a number of books one penned hundreds of articles about a variety of topics. She's also a published author in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Find Your Inner Strength! and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Possible!

Karen is a columnist for Paranormal Underground Magazine. She currently writes two columns for the magazine: Dream Interpretation and Metaphysics and Energy Healing. Karen also co-hosts Paranormal Underground Radio In the Dark on MixLr. She formerly served as Paranormal Underground's Managing Editor. 

A frequent guest in media discussing the results of her afterlife research, Karen has appeared on the Travel Channel's Mysteries at the Museum, spoken at regional conferences including the Oregon Ghost Conference, Haunting for Hope, Port Gamble Ghost Conference, and Paracon Seattle, and appeared on numerous radio shows. She teaches classes in energy healing, reiki, and psychic development.

Karen is an intuitive energy healer who is a Usui Reiki Ryoho Master/Teacher (Shinpiden) and a certified animal Usui Reiki Ryoho practitioner, as well as an ordained minister for the International Metaphysical Ministry. She has also studied numerous energy and alternative healing techniques including quantum touch, aromatherapy, sound healing, metaphysical healing, and crystal healing. She holds a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science (B.MSc) and a Masters of Metaphysical Science (M.MSc) from University of Metaphysics and a PhD in Metaphysical Parapsychology from the University of Sedona. She is currently working towards her Doctor of Divinity (DD) specializing in Spiritual Healing at University of Metaphysics. 

Karen volunteered as a Guardian Ad Litem for abused and neglected children, in local classrooms as a music tutor, in the phone room for the local crisis clinic, and at the (haunted) Lewis County Historical Museum. In her personal life she enjoys cooking, hiking, yoga, Nia, tribal belly dance, and making music.


In this episode: 

  • Episode Preview :00
  • Intro 1:49
  • Exciting News! We made it to the final slate of nominees for the People’s Choice Podcast Awards! Beginning Sunday, May 29th, visit and vote for us daily for 15 days! 2:23
  • Welcome to the parlor, Karen Frazier! 7:33
  • Karen has a passion for writing and does a lot of it! 9:35
  • Karen describes her abilities and refers to herself as an Intuitive Energy Healer. 14:15
  • Psychic as a ROCK! 18:40
  • It has been so interesting listening to Karen her co-host, Chuckie G, discuss his developing psychic abilities on Paranormal Underground Radio In the Dark. 21:03
  • Karen’s journey into writing and researching the paranormal. She’s an information nerd and a lifelong learner! 22:20
  • Psychics should not be USED in paranormal investigation. They should be INVOLVED. 24:55
  • Karen’s thoughts on spirit communication and tools. 30:31
  • The Permanents: Spirits of the Old Wheeler Hotel 32:20
  • Haunted Wellington 33:24
  • Lewis County Historical Museum 34:13
  • Behind-the-scenes of Paranormal Underground Radio In the Dark, which can be found on 34:49
  • More on the show and favorite guests, like Stanton Friedman and Dr. Raymond Moody. 37:59
  • Karen’s journey to health! Great information about Celiac Disease, Hashimoto’s Disease, and her cookbooks! 42:11
  • Shameless Self-Promotion! 50:10
  • Closing Thoughts and what’s coming up next week! 55:54

Additional music in this episode:
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  • Outro 56:42


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