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Patrick Keller, of, invites you to join an open discussion on all things paranormal, but specifically topics like ghosts & hauntings, paranormal research, spirit communication, psychics & mediums, and life after death. The candles are already lit, so come on in and join the séance!
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Jan 3, 2024


Listen in as psychic medium April Roane, who can always be depended on for powerful insights, discusses the evolution of her journey since her last appearance on the Big Seance Podcast in 2016. She provides a unique perspective on the shifts in paranormal investigation and how psychic mediums contribute to them. Hear a powerful discussion on the dangerous side effects of paranormal investigation, including the chilling tale that led to the need for an exorcism. April candidly discusses her move to East Texas and the area’s complicated paranormal culture. Other topics include the 2020 pandemic and the positive shifts it brought to society. Visit for more info.

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In this episode:

Intro :00

April Roane has been transforming lives worldwide for over two decades. In 2009, she started by transforming her life first. She was guided to join a recovery program for food addiction. Using tools of recovery, she began her very personal and challenging journey of self, transformation, service, and faith. April is a channel and vessel for messages of truth, hope, light, and love. This creates a natural healing and alignment experienced through, from, and of Spirit, Higher Power, Universe, Gaia, Source, God, Angels, Guides, Loved Ones, The Collective Consciousness, Ascended Masters, and Light Beings. April receives messages from Spirit in the form of feelings, visions, thoughts, ideas, sounds, knowing, smells, and tastes. And she uses the ability of remote viewing with Spirit when working with others, specifically in paranormal and missing persons cases. April is the author of several books, including the Love Your Inner Empath workbook and her children's book, Goodnight Just the Same. She is the co-host of Spiritually Rogue Podcast with Braxton and April Roane. April is the president and founder of The Divine Association of Sacred Women and strives to impact the lives of children, women, and Empaths worldwide positively and powerfully. She’s been featured on A&E’s My Ghost Story Caught on Camera, the BIO Channel, CBS Radio,  Rogue Talk Radio, The Hotel Cassadaga, The Historic Jefferson Hotel, and Pawtographs for Pooches Parafest. You can learn more about April Roane by visiting :51

April was previously interviewed in episode 70 of the Big Seance Podcast in 2016. Topics included cruises, finding balance, awakening after addiction, abuse, coming out, depression, meditation and journaling, paranormal Investigation and the role of psychic mediums in that space, and what life is like on the Other Side. 3:05

An update on the improvement that April has noticed in the paranormal space when it comes to psychic mediums in paranormal investigation. 5:05

The two clips from April’s last appearance on the show that Patrick just loves and has used many times when promoting the show. “And my goal, in addition to being a psychic medium, is I’m April. I’m a person. And I have a family, and I have a life, and I have a path that I’m trying to figure out. And if I don’t balance myself--my mind, my body, my soul--sometimes I do a really good job. Sometimes I flub it up a lot. But if I don’t balance me, I’m not going to be a good intuitive.” “You know, they don’t ever want to talk about, ‘Remember that time you stole my money, you ass hole!’ You know, they never say that!” “They always talk about those moments that took our breath away, not the moments that we lost our breath.” 6:25

April has moved to Texas, she’s worked on missing person cases, but her work with balancing herself has not changed. 7:40

Those who are and are NOT pushing our species forward since 2016. 9:37

The 2020 pandemic and its effects on the world. “As a society, we still don’t know what it did to us.” 11:22

The positive effects of Covid. “It forced us as a species to look at things we refused to.” 18:21

The paranormal culture in Eastern Texas, the Azalea Inn Bed and Breakfast, and her work with paranormal investigator husband, Braxton Roane. 22:24

Patrick originally met Braxton Roane at an event at Belvoir Winery before he or Patrick even knew April! 29:58

The side effects of paranormal investigation and the traumatizing story of April and Braxton needing an exorcism! “Let’s just say Braxton’s eyes went from green to blue. They were green, then they went to this period of just slate grey, and then to blue.” “When you realize the devil’s looking right at you, it’s not a moment where you look away and you run and you lose them.” 31:20

Patrick shared a funny memory about Chip Coffey at Belvoir Winery. 39:34

April talks about her book, Goodnight Just the Same. 42:27

April describes her book, “Love Your Inner Empath: A Healing Workbook & Tool Kit.” 44:12

Food, diet, chocolate, and gravity. April and Patrick get real about it. 45:02

“You are the guru of you. And you honor you. Honor all that your ups and downs has brought you to this moment of awareness. And that is where your adventure begins. What does that awareness say? What do you feel? ‘Oh my life’s a sh*t show.’ Okay then. Let’s fix it. Let’s change it. Let’s start to seek the joy, whatever that is for you. Leave people alone. They’re responsible for their own joy. So many of us live our life based on everyone else.” 48:52

Outro 52:27

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For more on April Roane

April's previous appearance in episode 70 of the Big Seance Podcast in 2016.






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