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Patrick Keller, of, invites you to join an open discussion on all things paranormal, but specifically topics like ghosts & hauntings, paranormal research, spirit communication, psychics & mediums, and life after death. The candles are already lit, so come on in and join the séance!
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Dec 14, 2023


Patrick's candid interview with the "Queen of the Paranormal" herself, Most Haunted's Yvette Fielding. She's a true pioneer in paranormal television, and she shares her thoughts on everything from how she thinks spirits communicate to SNL's hilarious 2006 parody of Yvette and Most Haunted. She looks back on the traumatizing 30 East Drive episode and a Most Haunted event where guests got stuck in a prison cell. How does the UK’s Most Haunted compare to American paranormal television? Plus, did you know that there are 76 Most Haunted episodes that haven't seen the light of day? Listen to find out why! Visit for more info.

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In this episode:

Intro :00

Yvette Fielding has been crowned by many as “Queen of the Paranormal”, “Queen of the Night”, or even “First Lady of the Paranormal.” Listeners from the US will no doubt know Yvette as the star of the hit paranormal TV series from the UK, Most Haunted. She and her husband, Karl Beattie, first created and produced the show in 2002, making them true pioneers in paranormal TV. They’ve been producing the show ever since. If you’re a listener outside of the US, you may actually know Yvette originally from Blue Peter, a British TV show, which is the longest-running children's TV show in the world. Yvette was the youngest presenter ever on that show, and she even interviewed Princess Diana! She’s the author of a series of new young adult fiction, and she has a memoir coming out next year! :50

Welcome to the parlor, Yvette! 2:44

Yvette and her husband live in a house that is 400 years old! 3:20

Patrick had a lot to catch up on with Yvette and Most Haunted! 3:56

Where can you find Most Haunted these days? Plus Most Haunted has gone on the road with stage shows! 6:41

Investigate with Yvette and the team with Most Haunted Experiences! 9:25

Where does the knocking at tapping come from? And if it’s paranormal, how do spirits produce it? 10:40

Yvette’s calls for science to take the paranormal more seriously. 13:07

Looking back at Saturday Night Live’s hilarious 2006 parody of Yvette and Most Haunted. 17:07

“I broke wind with fear!” 18:38

Building up energy with a trusted group of people. The current Most Haunted team has been together for several years. 20:00

Yvette’s tapping board and the story of the Fox Sisters in the early days of Spiritualism. 22:25

Patrick compares the UK’s Most Haunted to American paranormal TV. 23:55

Yvette says she doesn’t watch other paranormal TV shows. She also doesn’t watch horror films. After a terrorizing investigation, she drives home listening to Mary Poppins. 26:48

“How many weeks rehearsal do you do?” A number of years ago, Yvette and her husband talked to American producers of paranormal TV. 28:24

Patrick urges American listeners to check out Most Haunted if they haven’t yet. 31:25

Yvette and her husband have 76 episodes on a shelf that haven’t seen the light of day, because they’re “so bloody boring!” 34:20

It only takes one doubting or skeptic person to block activity from spirit. Yvette calls these people “muters.” 34:57

Most Haunted almost always has Glen Hunt or another parapsychologist or openminded skeptic on every investigation. 36:53

Looking back on the 30 East Drive episode, one of the most traumatizing investigations the team has ever been on. When the Lights Went Out is a 2012 film based on events at this location. 39:16

Burns, stitches, and scars inflicted by spirits. “It can be quite a scary occupation, and a bit dangerous, as well. So you have to be careful.” 48:14

Stuck in a prison cell. Looking back on the investigation at Accrington Police Station & Courts. 49:21

Patrick wants to see a crossover episode of Most Haunted here in the US, or a guest appearance by Yvette Fielding on an American paranormal TV show! It’s time! 51:47

“Just before I started Most Haunted, I didn’t believe in life after death. I really, really didn’t, Patrick, and it really affected my life.” Final thoughts from Yvette. 52:30

Outro 54:16

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