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Oct 5, 2021


Jeff C. Carter, author and lover of all things Halloween, returns to the show to once again nerd out about his favorite holiday, but also to show off his brand new book for middle grades and adults, Cold Spell: The Halloween Curse of Winterhill. This coming of age tale is a fun, fast-paced story of friendship and supernatural adventure that will appeal to fans of Hocus Pocus, Goosebumps, and anyone who believes there is magic just beyond the red and orange veiled woods. Visit for more info.




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In this episode:

Episode Teaser :00

Intro :55

Our upcoming Paranerd Patreon Party for October! Not a Patreon supporter? Do you want to be? Visit 1:39

Jeff's previous appearances on the Big Seance were in episodes 173 and 177

Jeff C. Carter’s Bio 3:28

Book summary for Cold Spell: The Halloween Curse of Winterhill 5:02

Who is the book for? “A coming of age tale with some kids who are just up against the line of maybe being a little too old to trick-or-treat. And they’ve put so much energy into making this the best Halloween ever.” 6:55

Jeff used himself as the inspiration for the character of Jim. “Jim and I are pretty much the same. With the first draft of this story I took a look at myself and played up some of my, maybe less charming characteristics. And then with the revision I went back, and I was like, alright, let’s really crank up these qualities.” 9:23

A very early memory of an impromptu home haunt. 11:05

A freak snow storm. “There’s a story there.” 12:10

Building a bridge. 14:01

HighWeens and LoWeens. Fun with portmanteaus and a spookabulary. 16:26

The Candy Club 20:56

The Rellek Club 23:30

The Candy Tax and the Lavender Market 24:48

The setting for the story is based on the Connecticut town Jeff grew up in. 26:04

Witch trials in New England and Iceland that pre-dated the Salem Witch Trials. 29:05

Growing up with the history of New England. 31:09

Gun powder 33:37

Where and how to find the book. 35:08

That one pure Halloween moment. Looking back at Halloween 2020. 36:35

Thumping pumpkins, Reeses Pieces pumpkins, and missing Rombachs Pumpkin Patch. 41:00

Supply chain shortages, staffing shortages, and department stores selling out of Halloween items. 44:49

Jeff’s plans for Halloween 2021. 46:45

Upcoming projects and the Six Demon Bag Podcast. 53:34

More pumpkin stories! 55:42

A special THANK YOU to Patreon supporters at the Super Paranerd and Parlor Guest level! 59:17

Outro 1:01:24


For more on Jeff C. Carter

Cold Spell: The Halloween Curse of Winterhill on Amazon

Instagram: @jeffc.carter

Twitter: @Carterwroteit


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